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Slimming Style Line

Slimming Style Line

The thin band wrapping the phone adds flair and contrast while creating a slimming effect that boosts its overall stylish appeal.

Great Viewing, Compact Size

Great Viewing, Compact Size

Feel free to carry a palm-sized theatre wherever you go. The expansive 3.0″ display brings pleasure to your eyes as well as puts lively, fun social networking and multimedia in your hand.

1,540mAh Large Capacity Battery

1,540mAh Large Capacity Battery

You live a busy mobile life, so you need greater battery capacity to see you through the day. The 1,540mAh battery goes the distance and keeps you charged through all your daily tasks.

Advanced QuickMemo

Advanced QuickMemo

Simply capture what you want and scribble a note on it. Make calls or browse the web while simultaneously having your hand written messages open in the background. This means you no longer need to memorize numbers and notes.

Cheese Shutter

Cheese Shutter

Snap a photo using nothing but your voice to capture perfect self-shot images without blurring. Easily set your camera to voice command to take amazing photos simply by saying cheese or any other wording of your choice.

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